Nasa Lube Express - Did $6000 damage to my car

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This business has been in Seabrook for about 15 years.Seabrook Lube Express, Also known as Nasa Lube Express.

I have taken my cars there to get inspections and oil changes during those 15 years. I never had a problem until this week. I took my car to get an oil change and the owner who did the change forgot to tighten the oil filter. As you can imagine the oil drained out of the car.

The engine started knocking and the engine light came on. I took the car to the dealership as the car was still under warranty and when they pull the car up they found the filter and the underside of the car full of oil. The repair bill was for $6000 as it was not cover under warranty due to the negligence of Seabrook Lube Express. I went back to Seabrook Lube Express and asked the owner if he could contact his insurance company to get an adjuster to come out and look at the damage, the owner told me he was not going to call his insurance because he never makes mistakes.

I try to reason with him telling him that we all make mistakes and all I was asking was simply to call his insurance and let them make the decision.

So his answer was, I have a reputable business with repeat customers and never had any problems and may be someone got under my car and loosen up the oil filter.I couldn't believe he said that, again I pleated for him to call the insurance and he flat out said, "I'm not going to call my insurance get a lawyer if you want"

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Nasa Lube Express - Customer complaint

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I took my car in for State inspections this morning at 10:49 am The work order had been written up.I was told at that time it would be 2 hours before the car was completed.

I also wanted my oil changed and some new tires if needed and anything else need if the car had failed inspectio. I also told the service person I would wait for the car.I waited until 2:25 PM and I was very discusted because the people workin there (service area ) were doing everything but working on the cars they were girl watching and chatting to each other out in the garage. The Service staff are also sirly and unfriendly. I will have to think long and hard before I use or recomend you service ever again.

Also there was no manager to been seen that I could complain to. If I had been told I would have leave the car all day then I would have made plans to get home and wait because I live to far from the store to walk because I'm a disabled veteran.

Any thing you can do to improve the service at tis store will surly incress you business in this comunnity !Thank you for listining !!

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Nasa Lube Express - Bad managment

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The Nasa Lube Express in Seabrook had incompetent technician's and poor customer service.The tech did not know where the power steering reservoir was on a classic European car.

When I brought it to the managers attention that they had over charged me he called me an f-ing ***.

My wife told him that there was no need for that sort of talk so he proceeds to call my wife an f-ing B and some other cause words in front of all the customers.I looked them up on the BBB and they have an F rating.

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This is really hard to believe. I use them for all four of my cars and they are always polite and provide a great service.

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